Best Live-Streaming apps for Vloggers

The industry of live game streaming is snowballing, and these days they have become a significant platform to earn money. It has become like a paradise for all the budding as well as professional gamers. They offer you to watch the live streaming of the games and lets you learn the special tactics that can make you a pro in the specific game.

There are plenty of games out there, and the platforms of live streaming are mostly limited to Instagram Live and Facebook Live, but today we are going to offer you an array of streaming sites that are perfect for watching or uploading.

The audience refers to these sites to gain knowledge, and this, in turn, had offered high revenue to the publisher. There are millions of people out there who prefer spending their time watching these videos instead of Netflix and Hulu..!!

With platforms like Instagram and Facebook, the newcomers don’t find a space to set their foot. So, here you can come across the names of top sites that have an immense audience and less competition so that you can set your baby step firmly and safely.

InsatGib TV

This is an independent platform that does not demand for the installation of any special streaming software. With this, gamers can record their video at high quality and stream it online to gain more number of views. It plays with a smart trick. InstaGib facilitates the users to consume the introductory video with high bandwidth, but later on, decreases it, and the interested users can enjoy the same bandwidth by upgrading to a VIP account. It is an extremely helpful streamer that helps in establishing the base quality for the producer of the content.


It has a unique niche than other platforms that streams live gaming. It allows the publisher to mix and edit the video footage with co-creators or other like-minded people that are also active on the platform. Here a maximum of four people can combine their content and upload attractive streaming footage. You can enjoy its real-time analytics and statistical database along with the feature of live chat with the people that are online. Its features are similar to Xbox Live, and that has made it even more lovable by the amateurs and professionals both.


With Hitbox, you can categorize the content as Public, Private, or Adult, depending on its targeted audience. It offers a unique and colorful user interface that looks attractive and lively. To avail of its benefits up to the farthest extent, it is necessary that you use it on a high performing laptop. It is better if you go for a gaming laptop. You can freely access the site for both uploading and watching the live streaming. The live streaming and video capturing are supported by inbuilt cards and external devices.


This site got hyped when Pewdiepie promoted its efficiency and used it for streaming his content. It also created a sensation when Pewdiepie partnered with it in order to raise funds. Dlive acknowledges the creativity and offers an excellent saving of time in producing gaming content.


Twitch has undoubtedly gained itself the position of being called as the synonym of game streaming. It was popularized after Amazon purchased it in 2014. Twitch is user friendly and performs optimistically to acquire the love from most gamers.

It is a bit challenging to lay feet on twitch as a publisher, but it has a vast audience, and therefore the competition is worth the recognition that you can enjoy. It has great diversity in the types of games that it supports. You can see the games made for all age groups, and while watching them, you can learn the tactics that are used by professional gamers to be the unbeatable champion of gaming.

Live game streamers offer seamless interaction between the gamer and the viewer, and hence it is excellent for you to indulge yourself in these top sites.