5 Must-have Apps for Fortnite Streamers

The gaming world has become much more crowded these days, and the number is just increasing with each day passing by. Games allow you to enjoy and relax after the hectic day that is full of struggle in today’s era. Online games make the brain sharper as they involve various levels that are complicated and require aptitude.

Video games have crossed a long journey since their birth and have embraced many interesting and robust features. But still, we sometimes miss the pinch of salt in it that can make the gaming experience exceptional and worth spending the time on. So, today we have got you some great software that can enhance your virtual world experience and add value to your gaming time. These sets of software benefit from various features. Here are the names:


It is a simple tool that allows you to record and measure FPS. It will enable you to take screenshots and render them to the device. Also, the user interface is quite easy to navigate. The qualities of the screenshot and screen record can be modified as per the desire of the user so that they can decide how much space it occupies on the drive.  The videos recorded do not have compression, but there is a requirement of editing them using editing applications. It is a free to use program that is well featured.

OBS studio

it helps you create a seamless broadcast that can be uploaded on platforms like Youtube. Using OBS Studio allows you to directly capture the video from your webcam and microphone, you can also add footage from games and locate the window portion of the screen.

It also supports video streaming platforms like Twitch, Facebook Live, Restream, and DailyMotion, along with many others. OBS studio may intend to look a bit mysterious in the beginning if you are not familiar with such types of software.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

this software helps in Monitoring the widget. It lets you perform all the actions that are required to fix the system.  It comes in three versions; Free, Pro, and security-focused.  It rejuvenates the sluggish PCs and boosts the gaming experience. It is one of the best applications that comes with a premium price.

TeamSpeak 3

It is a software for audio interaction between users on chat tunnels. This works like a telephonic conference call via private networks. It can be run to optimize the gaming experience on both mobile and desktops. It is ad and spam-free and connects to multiple servers and channels. It is universal software for Mac and Windows both. You can even synchronize your bookmarks across the device. TeamSpeak offers advanced permission controls and minimum CPU usage.

Razer Cortex Boost

It examines the environment of operation and shuts down services and programs that are not directly related to the game. The outcome of this shedding is responsiveness and framerate performance enhancement in laptops.  It has come around with new features like screenshot and gameplay video capture modes.  It tries to process the gamers manually to get the best numbers.


It is a terrific way to buy new releases, and you can also place a pre-order. It includes games like half Life and Psychonauts. It has a wide collection of indie titles. You can also find the Metacritic rating of the games and review scores from professional gamers. You can ignore the sting of purchasing a broken game by visiting the store page and looking at the reviews.

All the above-listed software works excellent when it comes to using them for online gaming. Most of these are free, while others can be purchased at a nominal price. With the use of these products, you can definitely multiply the thrill of gaming.